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Get to Know The Farmer

Hi, I am Laura

I am the farmer who is out there in the fields, planting growing and harvesting all the fresh produce. I love farming and every spring I get so excited for another season to start. I am 29 years old but commonly mistaken for still being a teenager. I love candy more than anyone I know. Neon gummy worms are my go to and I am still convinced that they make me feel better when I am sick. I love animals. I dream of the day my house is like a little zoo. I currently just have one crazy dog, Blake. She is a german shorthaired pointer. If you have a pointer or have ever met one you understand that crazy is an understatement. But we just love her to death. Like most farmers, I don't really have a hobby. But I do enjoy water sports in the summer. I consider my self to be pretty decent at riding anything behind a boat and I am even better at falling, that is my real talent. Hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me. 


Where I Grew Up

I was one lucky kid who lived the dream of being raised on a farm. My parents were dairy farmers when I was born and a few years later became chicken farmers. As a child you don't realize how lucky you are to be on a farm. Today I am so thankful for my parents and grandparents who gave their kids a great home filled with opportunities for their kids to pursue farming.

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